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So like everyone else I’ve joined the bandwagon of the mobile game “Draw Something”. My first intial thought was “cool, a drawing game!”. One of my friends from NY posted some pics of it on her Facebook & I had to try it! After playing it though my excitement for it soon deminished. I’m not the best illustrator in the world but I hold my own. I found out the game is more fun if you really aren’t that good in drawing, Lol. Most of the time I’m spending days of guessing what the hell someone drew while it takes them 2 seconds to guess mine. So I mainly just pass. I’m not sure if I’m alone in feeling like this as I’m close to deleting the game. But hey, after passing 50 million downloads & being bought out by Zynga for $180 million I guess it doesn’t matter at this point…

See the difference? Lol Gotta Love Lebron’s hairline!



Guess which is mine…