I admit, I’m a comic nerd to the heart. But because of certain personal things popping up I haven’t been able to keep up. Which in the comic world is the equivalent of missing a month in an advance college course. Whew! But with the new purchase of an iPad 2 I’ve been stocking up on my comic ebook collection. I must say I’ve been shocked with some of the new story lines this year to say the least. So let’s get to MY favorite comic moments of this year!

1. Jubilee joins the cast of Twilight?
I think the comic world would shatter if that happened, Lol. But to find out our favorite firework starter was bitten by Xaus & turned into a vampire was a very interesting twist. While struggling with her curse on the X-Men island, Utopia, Jubilee was also facing the fact that she lost her powers! Poor kid.


2. Nothing can stop the… Colossus?
In Uncanny X-Men #543 Juggernaut is up to his usual tricks but this time he’s super-charged by the powers given to him by Cyttorak. The team struggles to stop him but they have a bit of a problem because of his new power..he’s pretty much UNSTOPPABLE! The tin man offers to take Juggernauts place to Cyttorak in a plan to stop his rage. That’s right a super-charged & super-unstable Colossus is what we’re dealing with people… & nothing good can come of this I’m sure!


3. Is that the ghost of SpiderMan? Or No?
I was in complete awe when I heard of the death of SpiderMan! Hell, he’s one of my favorite superheroes! But the big whammy was when Marvel announced a new SpiderMan! Oy!!! But I sighed with relief when this new SpiderMan was created in the Ultimate Universe, because in that universe anything is possible. I cheered when Marvel revealed that this “new” SpiderMan would be a black & hispanic character!! SCORE! The new story line has me hooked already!


4. Professor Wolverine??
That’s right, Logan is the new Headmaster..minus the wheelchair! I can’t help but to think of Wolverine in all kinds of Saved By the Bell shenanigans with the students, LOL. But I digress, after the “split” of the X-Men, Wolverine becomes the Headmaster of the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning. Cool name right? I personally am waiting on Wolvie to snap & leave. It wouldn’t surprise me.


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Follow us on Twitter @KornerGFX

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"Ears 2 The Streets" Album Cover

"Ears 2 The Streets" Album Cover

"Ears 2 The Streets" Album Cover Back

"Ears 2 The Streets" Album Cover Back

Single Cover:

"On My Money Sh!t" Single Cover

"On My Money Sh!t" Single Cover

Finished the cover art for the first issue of The Adventures of Foo! Actually I have a couple of pages done already but I won’t post those until I figure out which route I’m going to release the issues. I’m thinking iTunes but who knows…

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Foo! Cover Art

Issue 1 Foo! Cover Art

Digital Intro for a new series called “Saturday Night Cypher” from QBeatz Productions & Dub C Ent.

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We here at Korner Ent/GFX offer HTML & Flash based websites! If you would like your own professional site contact us! Kornerent@yahoo(dot)com

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QBeatz Flash Based Website Home Page

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Korner Ent/GFX Website

This is extremely motivational! We take things for granted at times but this was a nice reminder of struggle & art. I rarely watch BET because..well..look at how we’re portrayed. #IMO

I recently downloaded the iPhone app Scripts Pro created by Stephen M. Levinson. I was searching for the right app to script my webcomics/comics/motion comics on my phone since it’s just easier in my opinion. I stumbled across Scripts Pro and decided to give it a try.

It has several features I enjoy, the first being the “Scene” feature. This allows you to plot out your project shot for shot. With the scene feature you can set up your location & the time of day. Very handy.

This lets you keep a log of all the characters in the project. Once you type the first letter then character/s name will pop up.

Once you have completed a scene you can add a transition. There are tons of transitions to choose from: Cut to, Fade out, Fade to Black to name a few. This is great when animating or editing a video.

You can use this app pretty much for any project, not just comics. Plus the handbook made it easy to learn this app. Scripts Pro is worth the purchase.