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It’s seeming like yesterday the days of a “snappy” jailbreak of the latest iOS software were upon us. With Apple’s launch on October 12th of the awesome, in my opinion, iOS5 software left people dazzled! But the jailbreak community pondered when the jailbreak would arrive? Including me. Still. Currently we have three DIFFERENT jailbreakers working to crack iOS5; iPhone-Dev, Chronic-Dev, AND NOW coming from a former member of the Chronic-Dev team, @pod2g.

I personally upgraded my own Apple gadgets to enjoy iOS5. But that’s only made the wait of an untethered jailbreak a humbling one to say the least. ModMyi has shown proof from @MuscleNerd that it IS possible:


pod2g’s tweet ensures what iPhone-Dev & Chronic-Dev have said, it’s possible. I can only imagine what all these jailbreakers are going through & seeing with working to release the untethered iOS5 jailbreak. But until then, we wait. And when, or should I say, IF Siri is ported iOS 5 could REALLY be mind blowing on your latest iDevice! The day I wake up, check, & perform a jailbreak on my iPad 2 will be a geat one indeed!

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@KornerGFX is now offer specials on some of our graphic services!
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Digital Intro for a new series called “Saturday Night Cypher” from QBeatz Productions & Dub C Ent.

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We here at Korner Ent/GFX offer HTML & Flash based websites! If you would like your own professional site contact us! Kornerent@yahoo(dot)com

Here are some samples:

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QBeatz Flash Based Website Home Page

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QBeatz Flash Website (News+Artists Page)

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Korner Ent/GFX Website

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I recently downloaded the iPhone app Scripts Pro created by Stephen M. Levinson. I was searching for the right app to script my webcomics/comics/motion comics on my phone since it’s just easier in my opinion. I stumbled across Scripts Pro and decided to give it a try.

It has several features I enjoy, the first being the “Scene” feature. This allows you to plot out your project shot for shot. With the scene feature you can set up your location & the time of day. Very handy.

This lets you keep a log of all the characters in the project. Once you type the first letter then character/s name will pop up.

Once you have completed a scene you can add a transition. There are tons of transitions to choose from: Cut to, Fade out, Fade to Black to name a few. This is great when animating or editing a video.

You can use this app pretty much for any project, not just comics. Plus the handbook made it easy to learn this app. Scripts Pro is worth the purchase.

I recently did the logo & video editing for a web series Radio One’s Foxy 95.5 & Hot 104.1. Here is the link: