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We running all new graphic speacials!! Whether its a new look for your Soundclick page or a new cover for your Mixtape, KornerGFX can bring your ideas to life!! We have very affordable prices and fast turnarounds! Contact use by email:

Soundclick Promo Special


Website Promo

Pk Beatz Soundclick Page:


NEW GTA V Trailer
Today the second GTA V trailer was released & it looks AMAZING to say the least!!

All New X-Men #1 Debuts Today!
The Story: The five original X-Men have been plucked from yesteryear and sent to the present. How will they deal with the current state of Xavier’s dream, and how will today’s X-Men cope with facing their former selves?

Be sure to check it out: All New X-Men #1

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The once St. Louis radio DJ from 100.3 The Beat, Shorty Da Prince, has #CARDNATION fans still screaming victory! With the visual help of Dutch Vision Network the official video makes its debut.

Shorty Da Prince Tweets:



Shorty Da Prince on Twitter
DVN: Dutch Vision Network


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It’s seeming like yesterday the days of a “snappy” jailbreak of the latest iOS software were upon us. With Apple’s launch on October 12th of the awesome, in my opinion, iOS5 software left people dazzled! But the jailbreak community pondered when the jailbreak would arrive? Including me. Still. Currently we have three DIFFERENT jailbreakers working to crack iOS5; iPhone-Dev, Chronic-Dev, AND NOW coming from a former member of the Chronic-Dev team, @pod2g.

I personally upgraded my own Apple gadgets to enjoy iOS5. But that’s only made the wait of an untethered jailbreak a humbling one to say the least. ModMyi has shown proof from @MuscleNerd that it IS possible:


pod2g’s tweet ensures what iPhone-Dev & Chronic-Dev have said, it’s possible. I can only imagine what all these jailbreakers are going through & seeing with working to release the untethered iOS5 jailbreak. But until then, we wait. And when, or should I say, IF Siri is ported iOS 5 could REALLY be mind blowing on your latest iDevice! The day I wake up, check, & perform a jailbreak on my iPad 2 will be a geat one indeed!

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@KornerGFX is now offer specials on some of our graphic services!
This special starts on November 8th-30th, 2011

CD/Mixtape Covers: $40 (One Sided ONLY) & $75 for Two Sided Covers
Website: Now starting at $350 for HTML & $550 for Flash based websites
Flyers: $40 (One Sided ONLY) & $75 for Two Sided

A Paypal deposit IS required

Contact KornerGFX at
Stretch B-Now I Got Yo Attention

View our work Here!

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The first OFFICIAL mixtape from the young capo of Korner Ent! Stretch B wakes up the streets with the mixtape “Now I Got Yo Attention”. Available on!

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Need a Website?

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We here at Korner Ent/GFX offer HTML & Flash based websites! If you would like your own professional site contact us! Kornerent@yahoo(dot)com

Here are some samples:

QBeatz Flash Website Home Page

QBeatz Flash Based Website Home Page

(News+Artists Page)

QBeatz Flash Website (News+Artists Page)

(Intro Page)

Korner Ent/GFX Website

(Tour Page)

Korner Ent/GFX Website

(Works Page)

Korner Ent/GFX Website

Here is the sketch of Octavia from Team T.S. ONE of the remaining members of the original team. Enjoy!



Octavia (Sketch Process)

Octavia (Sketch Process)

Things have been busy for me as far as graphics and gearing my label mate, Stretch B., for his CD release. I appreciate all the business and business inquiries I’ve received so far!

If your interested in KornerGFX services contact:

Stretch B. “Now I Got Yo Attention” Mixtape Cover
Stretch B-Now I Got Yo Attention

BloodCuzzinz “We R St. Louis”
Bloodcuzzinz "We R St. Louis"

C-4 “Road 2 Riches”
C-4 "Road 2 Riches"

D-Streets “Traffic King”
D-Streets "Traffic King"

BP Ent. Presents Clayton Starr “Sleepin Like A Baby” Single Cover

BP Ent. Presents NonSince “Super Charged” Single Cover
NonSince "Supercharged"

BP Ent. “Let Me Tatt Your Soul!”
BP Ent. "Let Me Tatt Your Soul!"


Grand Hustle Talent Search

Grand Hustle

a Hard Myth Ent & Xclusive Management Group Presentation

All GFX were done by KornerGFX

New Covers (Nov. 09)

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These are some the new covers I’ve done for this month. One is the single cover for Yung Ro’s “Fresha Den A Mall” & the others are drafts for Will Victorys single “Bodyguard”.

These are the final two that were chosen.