Scripts Pro for iPhone Review

Posted: February 8, 2011 in Animation, Comic, iPhone, Video edit

I recently downloaded the iPhone app Scripts Pro created by Stephen M. Levinson. I was searching for the right app to script my webcomics/comics/motion comics on my phone since it’s just easier in my opinion. I stumbled across Scripts Pro and decided to give it a try.

It has several features I enjoy, the first being the “Scene” feature. This allows you to plot out your project shot for shot. With the scene feature you can set up your location & the time of day. Very handy.

This lets you keep a log of all the characters in the project. Once you type the first letter then character/s name will pop up.

Once you have completed a scene you can add a transition. There are tons of transitions to choose from: Cut to, Fade out, Fade to Black to name a few. This is great when animating or editing a video.

You can use this app pretty much for any project, not just comics. Plus the handbook made it easy to learn this app. Scripts Pro is worth the purchase.


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