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AlterEGO Portrait Series

Posted: January 31, 2011 in graphics, Photography
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A series I did with a photographer in St. Louis. GFX by KornerGFX

Hear Speak See No Evil

Hear Speak See No Evil-GFX by KornerGFX

Rock Star & Neo Soul

Rock Star & Neo Soul-GFX by KornerGFX

Good vs. Bad

Good vs. Bad-GFX by KornerGFX

Street Walker & Housewife

Street Walker & Housewife-GFX by KornerGFX


I recently did the logo & video editing for a web series Radio One’s Foxy 95.5 & Hot 104.1. Here is the link:

So basically I hated the way one of my favorite shows from my childhood ended that I decided to remake it.

Here’s the back story of the 80’s show: “The members of the TigerShark team were humans who had to use a device called the Fish Tank in order to transform into their powered-up marine forms and enter it once again to revert back into their human forms. The TigerSharks’ base was a spaceship that could also go underwater. The ship was called the SARK and contained the Fish Tank, along with other research facilities.

The action took place in the fictional world of Water-O, which was covered almost completely by water. The planet was inhabited by a race of fish men called the Waterians. The TigerSharks arrived there on a research mission and ended up serving as the protectors of the planet against the evil T-Ray, who had arrived there beforehand.”

My Story: The “Great Flood” of 1988 destoryed California. People were contaminated & left with fish characteristics because of the toxins mixed in the water. The government sealed the ocean with the help of T-Ray, the main enemy of the original TigerSharks, because of his advance technology. An expensive cure was created & also a temporary cure to the less fortunate which caused a bigger riff in society. The majority of the first team were killed fighting against T-Ray’s army & T-Ray himself. Octavia & Walro are the remaining members of the original TigerSharks. By 3013, Octavia & Walro keep them selves preserved with special formulas that theyve created. Their only hope is in a highschool graduate by the name of Mako, named after the first teams leader.

I’ll leave it there and let the story unfold as I upload the episodes. Suspense people.

Here are some stills of the new cast though to tie you over:

1) Blue-The muscle of Team T.S.

From Team T.S.


2) Koi-Japanese Combat Expert

Koi from Team T.S.

From Team T.S.

3) iLL-Weapons & Tech Specialists

iLL from Team T.S.

From Team T.S.

4) Mako-Hot Headed New Team Leader

Mako from Team T.S.

From Team T.S.

I’m working on the trailer for this project well as 2 other projects.
Stay Tuned!