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NEW GTA V Trailer
Today the second GTA V trailer was released & it looks AMAZING to say the least!!

All New X-Men #1 Debuts Today!
The Story: The five original X-Men have been plucked from yesteryear and sent to the present. How will they deal with the current state of Xavier’s dream, and how will today’s X-Men cope with facing their former selves?

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I took a break from creating the iPad created comic ‘Wax’ to check out what was new around the net today. Enjoy!

Jamie Foxx wants role in Amazing Spiderman 2?

How to Jailbreak iOS 6.0.1

“F*ck Your Blog” by Turquoise Jeep & Childish Gambino

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Recently I was watching a documentary on Stan Lee & Marvel Comics, which hosts my favorite comic characters, & I was inspired to start back working on a project I’ve had for years. When I was younger I came up with an idea of a troubled college student who stumbles upon powers. But one of the things that halted the project was the back & forth I would have to do to create the comic. I really hate the time it takes to pencil, scan, ink, color, etc etc. So I took a good look at the tools available on my favorite device, the iPad, & wondered would it cut down the time to produce it. The first tool I invested in was Celtx. I was amazed at some of the features it had especially for writing a comic. Here is some of the features:

iOS (check the website for Android info)
-Page breaks, numbered pages & WYSIWYG output
-Pinch/zoom page & font size (50% to 400%)
-Reorder and delete full scenes
-Add coloured notes
-Mores and Continueds
-White or parchment background
-AirPrint or email scripts as pdf and text files
-Universal app – buy it once and use on iPad iPhone & iPod Touch


So yeah, I used to use Scripts Pro but having a comic scripting template is just more convenient. Ive had the app for a couple of days & Ive already cranked out a lot of pages. You can even add a note wherever you want to stay on track with the outline of the story. The format of the scripting is so smooth that it made me jump over to Sketchbook Pro, which I’ll cover later, & start sketching panels & character placement.

Here’s a quick sketch of Wax done in Sketchbook Pro:


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So like everyone else I’ve joined the bandwagon of the mobile game “Draw Something”. My first intial thought was “cool, a drawing game!”. One of my friends from NY posted some pics of it on her Facebook & I had to try it! After playing it though my excitement for it soon deminished. I’m not the best illustrator in the world but I hold my own. I found out the game is more fun if you really aren’t that good in drawing, Lol. Most of the time I’m spending days of guessing what the hell someone drew while it takes them 2 seconds to guess mine. So I mainly just pass. I’m not sure if I’m alone in feeling like this as I’m close to deleting the game. But hey, after passing 50 million downloads & being bought out by Zynga for $180 million I guess it doesn’t matter at this point…

See the difference? Lol Gotta Love Lebron’s hairline!



Guess which is mine…

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The dawn of the mobile/digital artist is in full swing! As a graphic designer who utilizes different mediums to execute designs, mobile apps for graphic designers are a life saver. But picking the right app for you can be a tedious one though. I’ve compiled a list of my 3 favorite apps so far when I work on my iPad 2. Keep in mind the best way to see what is best for you is to try it!

Adobe PS Touch

PS Touch by far is my favorite photo editing app. I constantly use Photoshop CS5 on my laptop for the majority of my works so having it on my iPad 2 only makes sense. The app really easy to use so beginners shouldn’t have any troubles jumping right in. My biggest gripe about the app is moving layers. When repositioning layers you have to select a different tab with limited options so it because a bit of trial & error. But I’ve created some basic works with it so far so it has fairly good results. I love how Adobe has intergrated Creative Cloud so you can pull psd’s that you can upload to the service. But overall the main tools you use in the full version of Photoshop are there & at your disposal.

The first cover I did in PS Touch.



As you can see pretty much all of the traditional aspects of the full version are there. I tried to import a psd file that had a custom filter I created but the filter didn’t show up. But I can’t really complain when I have the basics of an app I use for most of my graphic work with me on the go! Out of the 3 apps I’ll be blogging about this one is a must!



Work with core Photoshop tools designed for tablets.
Use your tablet camera to fill area on a layer.
Select part of image to extract by scribbling.
Perform Google searches and share images on Facebook right in the app.
Sync files to Adobe Creative Cloud and open in Photoshop.²

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The once St. Louis radio DJ from 100.3 The Beat, Shorty Da Prince, has #CARDNATION fans still screaming victory! With the visual help of Dutch Vision Network the official video makes its debut.

Shorty Da Prince Tweets:



Shorty Da Prince on Twitter
DVN: Dutch Vision Network


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The Members Only brand was once one of the 1980’s must have items in fashion. But with time things that we once adored become passé. Since the fads and fashions of the 80’s seem to have come back, it’s no surprise that current celebrities have been seen rocking the jacket. Even the baby rumor battling Justin Beiber, LOL. But the new fashion from Members Only is pretty nice! Besides most of the jackets that look similar got the style FROM Members Only.



Here’s a nugget of 80’s goodness. Enjoy!

Sorry, couldn’t help it:


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It’s seeming like yesterday the days of a “snappy” jailbreak of the latest iOS software were upon us. With Apple’s launch on October 12th of the awesome, in my opinion, iOS5 software left people dazzled! But the jailbreak community pondered when the jailbreak would arrive? Including me. Still. Currently we have three DIFFERENT jailbreakers working to crack iOS5; iPhone-Dev, Chronic-Dev, AND NOW coming from a former member of the Chronic-Dev team, @pod2g.

I personally upgraded my own Apple gadgets to enjoy iOS5. But that’s only made the wait of an untethered jailbreak a humbling one to say the least. ModMyi has shown proof from @MuscleNerd that it IS possible:


pod2g’s tweet ensures what iPhone-Dev & Chronic-Dev have said, it’s possible. I can only imagine what all these jailbreakers are going through & seeing with working to release the untethered iOS5 jailbreak. But until then, we wait. And when, or should I say, IF Siri is ported iOS 5 could REALLY be mind blowing on your latest iDevice! The day I wake up, check Jailbreak.me, & perform a jailbreak on my iPad 2 will be a geat one indeed!

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